NHHC News --  HB296-FN Animal Waste in Parks.

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HB296-FN This bill requires any person who brings an animal into any state park or state forest property to remove all solid animal waste produced by such animal. Persons who violate this provision are subject to a $50 fine. Appropriate signage may be posted as deemed necessary.

The Bill text is attached here-- HB296-FN-WAS-LSR2019-0213

What Can You Do

--Start to talk to your local House Representative, preferably before Jan 18, 2019. To find your Representative go to https://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/ Contact Your State Representative, Who is My Legislator

--You can ask your State Rep. to NOT Support this Bill.

--Then start to prepare a written testimony (fancy word for comments) for the hearing (not scheduled yet, expected after Jan. 18, maybe in February-due out of committee 3-14-19). IMPORTANT: testimony for a hearing is what gets counted-we need numbers to be a force!

--Plan to attend the hearing and sign in to submit testimony verbally and/or submit written document-bring 10 copies

--OR attend hearing to sign in and check off silently if you support the Bill or not

--OR send in an email.

  • There are many reasons why a rider should not be forced to dismount on the trail, A rider should have the choice to decide when and where it is safe to dismount.  
  • NH DCNR’s Parks and Recreation already has Administrative Rules that address equine waste in State Parks and Forests and they are enforceable.
  • This will negatively affect our equine industry and economic value, as trail riding is a top recreational activity.
  • It will affect tourism.

Stay Focused on the Horse Issue, Others can be our Allies to Kill this Bill!!

We want the dog owners and associations (DOGS- one of the strongest lobby groups in the state) and Musher’s Association and Sportsmen’s Group to all stand with us against the bill. Do not point fingers.

We need to Communicate, Stand together and be Professional. We need to come across as reasonable and willing to understand others concerns-we can only do this by being focused on the horse issue.

We have heard that the NH Farm Bureau is willing to oppose this Bill.