by Connie Moses

Have we forgotten our inner creativity??

Already you express your creative self by enjoying horses:

- interacting closely with a horse requires being present in the moment, a first prerequisite to the creative process
- training a horse requires creative thinking by opening your mind to possibilities
- riding or driving a horse requires a creative physical adaptation and feel, cultivating focus and attention to detail

DirvingHandsCreativeArtRecently I was inspired by a radio show topic on creativity and the creative process*, which postulated that we are all born with the innate ability to be “creative,” which often is “scared” out of us as we grow up.

Fear— brought on by desire for social acceptance, peer pressure, educational methods that reward “right” and define “not right” instead of encouraging us to think outside the box—inhibits our inborn instinct to learn by trying, without worrying about making a “mistake.”

Have you ever harbored a wish to try something new, approach a task in a unique way, or just “be more creative?” Some would say that nothing is stopping you except a fear of being “wrong.”

Could we ever have learned anything without making mistakes? Who is to judge what is the “correct” answer? Watch babies and young children at play and you see creativity:  they are not afraid to be incorrect or to try different things… at least not until they learn that behavior.

Free yourself to pursue your interests in creative ways— through writing, photographs, and artworks! Your horse has many stories to tell, which only you can relate. If you like, share a story, poem, pictures, crafts, and art reflecting your unique horse experiences, and we will love to share them with other horse lovers through our GSCA Newsletter and our website blog**. Email to      and thank you!

What is your horse’s favorite activity with you?
What was your most memorable drive or ride, and why?
How have you taught your horse to interact with the world, or with you?
Who is your most-admired horse trainer, and why?
What is your most moving horse memory?
Describe in words (or via your favorite photos or drawings of your horse) what you love about your horse.
What is it about horses that inspires you?
*TED Talk—
given by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of bestseller  “Eat Pray Love”

**Horse Smarts & Carts blog: