Several riders and beginning carriage drivers have asked us how to learn more about carriage driving, or how to start their own horse. Below are facilities, organizations, and professionals in the Northeast you can learn from!

First, check out Consolidated Carriage Driving Calendars Northeast which GSCA maintains:
You can find dates and contact info there for numerous organizations doing carriage driving activities.

Carriage BarnHorseCarriageWheel
Green Mountain Horse Association (Wheel Runners & more)
Touchstone Farm

ALSO on the Consolidated Driving Calendars NE, see the "General" category; most Clinics can be audited, there may be an auditing fee.

Look for Maine Driving Club under the "General" category, which has activities that might be close to you. For an extra dollar added to GSCA’s membership fee, you can join theMDC too.  (For details, see Club Happenings.)   

AND... it so happens we just started a "Training for Carriage" series of blog posts giving step-by-step descriptions of training a youngster from start to first hitch. Click for
Ground Driving Step by Step article with videos; next on the blog will be First hitch, with Pair Driving Training to follow!

Hope this helps get you started!
Connie Moses, VP GSCA