As riders and horses of all ages and degrees of experience come to our drives, and cars share the road, it is important to remember the rules of driving, and riding courtesy.

1 - Arrive at the scheduled time - don’t mess up the drive organizer’s plans for a group lunch etc. by being late.
2 - Check in with the drive organizers and fill out your release form. Better yet bring it with you all filled out to give to the organizer.
3 - Please leave ample room when parking next to another trailer. Keep in mind that horse(s) will be tied there--even though they might not be there when you pull in.015HorseCarts
4 - Be sure to have a slow vehicle triangle on the back of your carriage.
5 - Stay as far to the right on the road as possible except when passing.
6 - Always pass on the left.
7 - Check for cars coming from behind before pulling out to pass.
8 - Stop and look both ways at all intersections before entering.
9 - No tailgating.
10 -Never pass another horse or carriage without requesting and receiving permission.
11 -Walk past ridden horses if possible. Do not trot by without asking & receiving permission. They may not be used to seeing carriages.
12 - If someone is having trouble with a horse, always stop & wait until it is under control before passing from either direction.
13 - If someone is hitching or entering a carriage or mounting a horse, wait until they are in the carriage or on the horse and in control before asking to pass.
14 - NEVER PASS ANYONE AT SPEED. You could cause a serious accident!


Thanks to Ginger Laplante for these Courtesy tips!

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