Acadia National Park will now be requiring every vehicle that enters the park to show an Entrance Pass. This includes being parked anywhere in the park, including Wildwood Stables.

This has always been a requirement but has not been strictly enforced. It will be enforced this coming season. Many people may not have known that they were supposed to have a pass but some have.

Monies from entrance fees go toward: Improvements in the Park - new parking areas, carriage road maintenance, educational signs and programs, Ranger-led programs, and ALL of the upgrades to Wildwood Stables!

Entrance passes can be bought at Wildwood Stables and at Park Headquarters (near Bar Harbor entrance) as well as other places and online.

Older horse folks, inquire about Lifetime national park pass!!AcadiaCarriageRoadBridge

The link to learn more is:
Private vehicle for 7 days = $25.00   Annual Pass $50
Let us know if you have any other questions 1-877-276-3622