REVIEW at Horse Collaborative--  Horses with 5 Hearts-- explains the principles behind barefoot horsekeeping.

 barefoot horse hoof

By Jane Stuart, QUOTED FROM Horse Collaborative:

I can’t speak for the rest of the planet, but something is happening in the UK horsey world. Something which is causing heated debate and sparks to fly. It is the growing movement of the barefoot horse. It seems many have decided to remove their horse’s shoes altogether and forever. Some have even learned how to file their own horse’s hooves and have waved a permanent goodbye to the farrier! Are they mad? Irresponsible? Cruel? Why are they doing this and what is the outcome? I make no claims of being an expert on the subject. I simply write from experience and observation.

Years ago, when I first started keeping horses, it was practically unheard of for a working horse to be unshod. It was okay for fat little first ponies and it was okay for broodmares and those in retirement. It was considered a sensible but unfortunate move for a regular kicker who was turned out with others. But to regularly ride an unshod horse? What on earth…? No. Just no.

A friend added me to a Facebook group called Barefoot Horse Owners UK, which currently has a following of over 11,000 and rising fast. I visited the page and read the title. I confess, my first thoughts were that I was about to endure the earnest twitterings of a bunch of hippies with their heads in the clouds.Barehoof Jumping Horse

Well meant, but misplaced.

How wrong I was.

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