Sergeant Reckless was a pack horse during the Korean war, a small Mongolian mare, Reckless carried recoilless rifles, ammunition and

supplies to Marines. Nothing too unusual about that, lots of animals got pressed into doing pack chores in many wars. But  this horse did something more….

Horse SGT RECKLESSSGT. RECKLESS, Army mare in Korean warDuring the battle for a location called Outpost Vegas, this mare made 50 trips up and down the hill, on the way up she carried ammunition, and on the way down she carried wounded soldiers…

What was so amazing? Well she made every one of those trips without anyone leading her.

I can imagine a horse carrying a wounded soldier, being smacked on the rump at the top of the hill, and heading back to the “safety” of the rear. But to imagine the same horse, loaded with ammunition, and trudging back to the battle where artillery is going off, without anyone leading her is unbelievable. To know that she would make 50 of those trips is unheard of. Hell, how many horses would even make it back to the barn once, let alone return to you in the field one single time.

So here is a clip of her story and photos to prove where she was and what she did….
Sgt. Reckless - Korean War Horse Hero - YouTube

She was retired at the Marine Corps Base in Camp Pendleton where a General issued the following order… she was never to carry any more weight on her back except her own blankets. She died in 1968 at the age of 20.

P.S. How bad was the battle for Outpost Vegas….  Artillery rounds fell at the rate of 500 per hour, and only two men made it out alive without wounds. Just two. And a horse, and she was wounded twice.

                                                                                     --sent in by Sonja Cahill

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SgtRecklessStatueQuanticoVASgt. Reckless Statue, Quantico VA

staff-sergeant-reckless-horseStaff Sergeant Reckless the horse