GSCA Membership
One price / all events! 


  • $25 Annual fee (same fee for either single or Family Membership which includes two Adults in the same household and Minors under 18)
  • GSCA membership dues/renewals are payable in January. In some cases, new members can join GSCA at the outing UNLESS PRE-Registration is required. 
  • Family Membership covers all outings for the year, no extra per-outing fees.
  • You must be a current GSCA member in order to drive, ride, sit in a carriage as a passenger, or handle/harness/hitch/tack up a horse at any GSCA Outing (per GSCA's insurance carrier.)


GSCA Membership/Renewal Form [.pdf]



GSCA Liability Release


  • Minors under 18 must wear a helmet.
  • Guests are welcome to accompany members as spectators. Signed Liability Releases are REQUIRED for ALL PARTICIPANTS including spectators.
  • NO electronic signatures accepted.


GSCA Liability Release Form for Adults  [.pdf]

GSCA Liability Release Form for Minors [.pdf]



The GSCA Bylaws govern how GSCA runs as a recreational association. 

GSCA Bylaws  [.pdf]



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