GSCA OUTINGS listed by Location-- 
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Annual Dinner Meeting and FUNd-raising Auction                                                                     
Andover NH Rail Trail at Potter Place Day Outing

Auburn NH  Seavey Memorial Day Outing

Brentwood NH   Intro to Driving Clinic
Bristol NH  
Profile Falls Day Outing    
Carver MA   Myles Standish State Forest Meet-up, Camping Outing
Chocorua NH   Look to the Mountain Camping Outing (aka Tamworth NH)
Lebanon NH    Sleigh Day  

Loudon, NH  
Loudon Roads and Woodland Trails Day Outing
Milton Mills NH   Branch Hill Farm Day Outing
Randolph NH
 Presidential River Trail Day Outing
Sanbornton NH
 Pemi River Trail Day Outing

Shelburne VT   Shelburne Farms/Meach Cove Mid-week Stabling Outing

Warner NH   Snow Games Day Outing, riders also welcome    



Printable 2021 Calendar with Host Contacts [.pdf]


GSCA Annual
Dinner Meeting and FUNd-raising Auction

held at various locations each year, most recently at the Red Blazer Restaurant in Concord NH.


(see GSCA Calendar of Activities for date)


Early every year the GSCA holds our Annual Club dinner meeting and FUNd-raising Auction. On the agenda are a tasty meal, a speaker or presentation, brief business meeting with Election results, and then items donated by club members are auctioned off. This Annual Auction is the GSCA's only FUNd-raiser of the year, and it is a lively event! So come one-- come all to our sociable Annual Dinner Meeting and FUNd-raiser Auction! 

PLEASE BRING DONATION ITEMS FOR AUCTION as this is GSCA's only fundraising event!  Donations help keep Outings free to Members!



Snow "Games" Day Outing, Warner NH, drivers & riders

since 2019


(see GSCA Calendar of Activities for date)


Started in 2019, for Drivers and Riders!
Ever wanted to see how fast you and your horse can race around hay bales? If your horse can pull a sleigh, plastic sled, a person on skis, or anything else safely or you just want to ride and you'd like to see how well you can maneuver through round hay bales, come to this event!
There'll also be a loop just to enjoy driving/riding. 

This is a fun event IN which you compete only against yourself. 

Enjoy getting out to meet your friends and new folks while having a fun filled day! Have a cup of hot cocoa and chili. 

NOTE:  Pre-registration is suggested just in case the event needs to be postponed/cancelled. See flyer for host information.


Seavey/Water Works Day Outing, Auburn NH, drivers & riders
since 2008 

(see GSCA Calendar of Activities for date)


Eric and Linda Wilking have been hosting the Annual Ellet and Shirley Seavey Memorial Carriage Drive since 2008 on the Manchester Water Works (MWW) property off of Depot Road and Tower Hill Pond in Auburn, NH. The area provides 6 to 10 miles of trails to enjoy via carriage or horseback, including criss-crossing, tree-lined lanes and dirt/gravel roads, some circling ponds both large and small.

   We enjoy sharing these beautiful trails with everyone-- the first two years we had over 30 participants. There are both walkers and bicycles using the trails. The most important thing for horse people to remember is that these trails are open at all times for us to use, the only thing that MWW asks is to pick up or clear your horse's manure. Hosts have provided cleanup on trails since beginning this Outing.

Myles Standish State Forest, Drive and Ride Camping MEET-UP
since 2014

(see GSCA Friends & Partners for date)
ADVANCE RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED-- Camping reservations can be made at:  ReserveAmerica
("MEETUPS" are NOT "run" by club hosts, are NOT covered by GSCA liability insurance.)
Come explore twenty thousand acres of great driving and riding.  Miles and miles of fire roads, and many one-way campground roads. MORE ROUTES available each year. Some outer boundary trails are a little sandy and stony, but there are miles and miles of grassy trails, also roads. Explore Maple Springs Wildlife Mgmt area just south of the park.

No motor vehicles are allowed on the trails or fire roads.  You may encounter an occasional gate to go around, for riders. The bugs typically are not bad.
Horse Camping (Charge Pond Area C) accommodates all size rigs but for those who have a camper larger than 30', reserve one of the outer sites which tend to be larger than those in the middle of area C. Plenty of trees for highlines or bring your own paddock. There are some water faucets scattered among the sites.

More information about Myles Standish State Forest can be found on their web site,
Specific routes for carriage drivers can be found here  . 
 Look to the Mountain Drive and Ride, CAMPING Outing, Chocorua, NH
since 2000 

  • Outing Host:
    Leah Valladares
  • Helpers: Kowboy Ken and others
  • Drive-Ride Flyer (.pdf)
  • must be a current GSCA member to register
  • REGISTRATION OPENING DATE is MARCH 1, 2021 (first date to send in registration info)
  • send signed Liability release forms (electronic signatures NOT accepted) and answers to the following questions:  whether you are coming for just a day or the weekend, which day you are arriving, how many trailers you are bringing, and what kind of trailer(s) they are  (e.g. bumper pull, 3 horse gooseneck, LQ trailer) .
  • send West Nile vaccination proof before July 1st. ** 
  • first come, first serve


Send all paperwork (Liability, trailer info, and copies of  West Nile vaccination papers) to or mail to Leah Valladares, PO Box 2147, Conway NH 03818 . If sent by USPS, please include a contact method. Leah will reply to all registrations to validate receipt. Please send all required forms together. All forms must be received by Leah no later than July 1st. There will be a cut off when all parking sites are taken. A waiting list will be kept.
PLEASE !!! DO NOT ATTEND if you did not register. 
Members can ride and drive miles of scenic Chocorua and Tamworth dirt/gravel roads. Follow the shady brook trail and enjoy great riding through Hemenway State Forest. Ride or drive to beautiful Chocorua Lake and up to the spectacular vista at Mountain View Farm. There are several hills on this ride, but an unconditioned horse going slowly will manage.
Camping is at Coruway Farm at the foot of Mt. Chocorua where LeGrand Cannon penned Look to the Mountain. It is a popular summer outing where folks come for a day or camp for several days. It’s a vacation destination for you and your horse!  
For detailed map of surrounding dirt roads and trails including Sandwich Wilderness area go to the Wonalancet Outdoor club -
Another good road/trail map to look at is 
This is a free trail map of Hemenway state forest including the trails to get to the fire tower!
 NOTE - no day trips on Thursday or Sunday
  • Generator usage allowed from 8 am to 9 pm
  • If using fencing, fencing height must be a minimum of 3'
  • If lodging off-premise, you must designate an on-premise person to be responsible for your horse(s) and tell the host who it is.
  • Hosing down of horses or washing in Landowner’s front yard is not allowed
  • No horses allowed in Chocorua Lake

Branch Hill Farm Day Outing, Milton Mills NH, drivers & riders
since 2008 

New England Horse and Trail (NEHT) affiliated
Ride or drive the beautiful dirt and grass roads/cart paths of Branch Hill Farm along the Salmon Falls River.
Branch Hill Farm property has always been open to the public for multiple uses. A network of 45 miles of woodland access roads provides fire protection as well as multiple recreational opportunities to the public. There are approximately 10 miles of river frontage on the Salmon Falls River, the Branch River, and the Jones Brook.
    The land also serves as a living laboratory for educating all age groups about good forest and field management. It was Carl's wish that his protected land would provide "an oasis of forests, fields, wildlife, recreation, clean water and air for generations to come."
 Shelburne Drive and Ride CAMPING Outing, Shelburne, VT
since 1999-- including Riders since 2015
  • must be a current GSCA member to register
  • REGISTRATION OPENING DATE is July 1, 2021 (first date to send in registration info)
See Reservation Form
4-6 day Outing for Drivers (on Shelburne Farms grounds) and Riders and Drivers in Meach Cove and surrounds.
   Shelburne Farms in Shelburne, Vermont is a 1500-acre estate originally owned and built by the Vanderbilt-Webb family in the 1920's. The grounds were designed by Frederick Law Olmstead (who also "did" Central Park) and contain large barns and outbuildings in the "chateau" style, a working dairy farm, and lots of livestock.
   The farm has been a public trust for many years and is open to the public year round. The famous Shelburne Inn, the former family residence, sits on a hill with a sweeping view of Lake Champlain and New York's Adirondack Mountains beyond.
   Meach Cove Farms adjacent to Shelburne is a similar estate with dirt roads, farm fields and trails along the big lake. Stabling is available at Meach Cove.
   If this sounds like the perfect place to ride or drive a carriage in style, it is! 
Various Weblinks - 
Profile Falls Day Outing - Old Hill Village, Bristol NH, drivers & riders
since 2019 


(see GSCA Calendar of Activities for date)

New England Horse and Trail (NEHT) affiliated

Come join us for a spectacular drive/ride along the Smith and Pemigewasset Rivers. An approximate 6+ mile out&back dirt road meanders through the woods and across brooks which feed into the two rivers that become the Merrimack River in Franklin, NH. The area is wonderfully maintained by The Army Corps of Engineers and NH Fish and Game. Along the way, you will view the rivers, open meadows and home sites of the former Old Hill Village, which was moved to higher ground after numerous floods. Bridges safely cross the tributaries and you hear the babbling brooks and see many birds and sometimes deer. The drive will be a down and back with an excellent spot for turn around, totaling 12 miles (NEHT members note.)


Loudon Roads & Woodland Trails Day Outing,  Loudon NH, drivers & riders
since 2019


(see GSCA Calendar of Activities for date)

New England Horse and Trail (NEHT) affiliated


Our lovely new Outing site will be at 22 Wyman Road, Loudon, NH, the beautiful home of my friend and neighbor, Judith Merrow. As her guests we will enjoy the hilltop vista of surrounding towns, hills and valleys of our NH countryside.

Distance offered is approx. 6 miles for driving and riding. Riders (or drivers) seeking more distance may do the route twice for 12.2 miles. Drivers follow local dirt roads with minimal traffic, with only one small section of tar. You may choose to stay on the flat, smoother roads (out-and-back) or continue on to the unmaintained Class 6 woodland roads to complete a loop into Loudon and Canterbury woods and back. The woodland road has many hills and will be an energetic challenge for horses and riders! The woods road is rough but suitable for “sturdy” carriages and carts.

Ride out time will be at 9 AM.  Bring your own lunch and/ or bring something to share with fellow horse people!

There are no facilities so please make your own arrangements for people-potty. We ask that you leave no trash, and spread any manure across the fields.


Andover NH Rail Trail Day Outing at Potter Place, drivers & riders
since 2014

TWO directions out on the Northern Rail Trail, including some loops!
Trot out for miles on perfect footing! Amble along quiet byways near ponds and brooks. Something for everyone, come join us for carriage fun, or ride your horse! Enjoy the newly-reconstructed section of the rail trail plus additional quiet rural backroads to drive or ride if desired  and mountain trails for riders to explore!
Your opportunity for carriaging on the Rail Trail (usually gated) with state permit, per arrangement with NH Dept. of Natural and Cultural Resources. 

Routes will be out and back. Distance options-- up to 12 miles with loop-out routes for carriages includes dirt and tar roads in quiet neighborhoods. No Highway crossings on carriage route.

Riders can go either direction on Rail Trail, and up to 16 miles including loop-outs. One well-marked highway crossing (out & in) on this route.

Rail Trail is level with well-maintained stone dust footing. Rail Trail width is well suited for carriages, with long sightlines and wider areas/pullouts to pass another carriage. Other users of Trail are joggers, bicyclists, walkers with dogs and horseback riders.

Spacious paved staging area. Potter Place Railroad Station Museum exhibits and rail car caboose are adjacent, with permanent porta-potty for the public.


Pemi River Trail, Day Outing, Sanbornton NH, drivers & riders
 since 2016

(see GSCA Calendar of Activities for date)

Ride and drive the road less traveled on the Army Corps of Engineers trail along the Pemigewasset River floodplain, the Sanbornton side of the famous Hill Village. Gates usually closed to wheeled vehicles will be opened for a unique opportunity to drive this secluded trail. The trail has a short steep road in but once on the flood plain it is quite flat. The river/floodplain trail is road-wide and is dirt, sandy, and in places with some gravel on top, depending on the repair conditions. In spring this area is flooded and under 10-20 feet of water; be sure to look up into the treetops where you’ll see large logs wedged horizontally, where they settled as the flooding subsided. Mileage offered is 6-13 miles total.
   The river trail is 3 miles in to the old Sanbornton Bridge Abutments; it ends for carriages when it becomes private property beyond the bridge abutments. In the old days you could continue on to New Hampton and Bristol. Stop to enjoy the view, then turn around to drive back the same way.
   Riders may continue across the bridge, follow a woods trail up & connect with Knox Mountain Road; then follow Knox Mountain Road to turn right at Bennett’s Ferry Road to return to the Town Park. This is a 3 hour loop at the walk.
   An extended route along tree-lined dirt backroads of Sanbornton can add another 7 miles to your excursion, passing some of the most historic and lovely properties, farms and old cemeteries of town. The ghosts of Sanbornton will appreciate hearing again the clip clop and cart sounds of its not-so-distant past. This route has a few long steep inclines/declines so your horse’s fitness should be considered.Services:
   Bring a picnic lunch and refreshments for get-together afterwards.

For more information about the trail/road map, please see PemiRiver Trail Map

Sleigh Day and horseback riding,
Lebanon NH
Since 2017

(see GSCA Calendar of Activities for date)

CONTACT-- Carolyn Townsend (see Sleigh Day Flyer).  Please let Carolyn know ASAP if you will be comingHer snowmobile friends will be packing the wide trails.

Five miles of groomed trails to sleigh on! Plus 60 acres of open
fields available for the more adventurous.

Here is a great chance
to have fun with your horse and that sleigh that hardly ever
comes out of the barn. And there is plenty of easy trailer parking too!!

Presidential Rail Trail, Randolph NH, drivers & riders

First Held 2021

GSCA is offering a 12 mile (6 out and 6 back) route of the  Presidential Rail-Trail,a section of the Cross-NH trail. This is a gem of a rail trail, hugging the Presidential Mountains offering spectacular scenery; forest, beaver ponds, fall leaves in September and wildlife if you are lucky.
The footing varies from small stones to forest litter to some larger ballast stones in places. The rail trail with its grass edges, is wide enough to allow carriages to pass one another.


Newbie/Green Clinic - Intro to Driving Clinic, Brentwood NH, drivers only

First Held 2021 

(see GSCA Calendar of Activities for date)


Interested in driving but not sure how to start? Not sure about your harness? Want to try a cone or obstacle course? 

Attend the Intro to Driving Clinic to get help from veteran drivers and clinicians in any aspect of driving. 



Chicken Barbeque and Tack/Swap Meet

First Held 2021

Come join GSCA for a Chicken B-que/Pot Luck Lunch and Swap meet. Meet up with folks while enjoying some time off. The chicken barbeque is free to members and if you could please bring a pot luck item... This is a BYOB, bring your own chair ...

Mary-Jo will be offering wagon rides!

If you want to swap/sell any horse items, bring them with you and your own table to show case your items. 

GSCA Planning Meeting
( location TBD) 

(see GSCA Calendar of Activities for date)


Our Schedule of Outings is initiated at our yearly Planning Meeting in November. Outing hosts attend and any questions or issues are discussed between experienced hosts and the club officers.

Everyone is welcome at the planning meeting. The most recent planning meeting was held at the home of Eric Wilking in Brentwood, NH. BYO lunch.

All members and guests are welcome and encouraged to attend in support of our Hosts! BRING YOUR IDEAS for new Outing locations!