The CAA has developed a terrific new program to promote driving safely for both humans and horses.  It is called the Driver Proficiency Program and is designed to be educational and supportive. Modeled after a similar program in England and Europe, this program helps carriage drivers of all ages and levels to learn all they can to be as safe and responsible as possible to both their own horses and fellow drivers.

            The program has three levels of proficiency.  The first level is made up of various elements which one must know to safely and successfully drive a two or four wheeled carriage.  These sections are horsemanship and care of the driving horse; correct harnessing and putting to/taking out of the vehicle; maintenance of the vehicle; care of the harness; and driving.  The driving proficiency piece is a simple test of circles and straight lines; being able to pass through several pairs of cones with plenty of wheel room; and driving down the road with appropriate signals.  Anyone who can drive on a pleasure drive through hill and dale with the GSCA should easily pass this part of the program!

            Touchstone Farm is proud to be a part of this national (and international) program which improves the safety of our sport.  We have become one of four places in the US which offers the training for Level 1 and the Road Evaluation.  We also are able to also offer the testing for Level 1 with an Evaluator.  Please contact Boo Martin,    if you have interest in learning more about our educational and evaluation program with CAA and its excellent Driver Proficiency Program.  Let’s all make our sport even better by increasing our own education and knowledge.

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