GSCA has partnered with MDC Maine Driving Club to share our schedules of outings and events. For MDC info see  Maine Driving Club website.

Horse Carriage Riding arena driving trialHow to become MDC ASSOCIATE member -- MAINE DRIVING CLUB:
Add $1 to your GSCA membership/renewal and also become an "Associate" member of Maine Driving Club. Pay to GSCA $25 + $1 for MDC ($26 total) and complete MDC Associate form to also join MDC. See PayPal at top right to pay here.

"Associate" reciprocal memberships between GSCA and MDC allow attendance at partner club's events and outings including insurance coverage. Includes reciprocal club benefits such as emailed Newsletters, calendars, announcements, Facebook group (GSCA) and GSCA website Members' Area access. Eligible to advertise in each other's classifieds on websites and Newsletters. "Associate" Membership EXCLUDES printed publications and subscriptions, also excludes club-subsidized discounts on meals at GSCA meetings.

EVERYONE, rider, driver, passenger, visitor or volunteer helper at an event MUST SIGN A RELEASE FORM available from the event organizer/host club!

PLEASE USE THIS  MDC ASSOCIATE Member form.pdf  to submit your "Associate" membership fee of $1.

If NOT a current GSCA Member, please also submit GSCA Membership/Renewal form2016.pdf with both payments ($26 total) made to GSCA.  

Maine Driving Club website

Maine Driving Club Calendar 2016