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Winning Spirits is a new organization that supports carriage drivers with physical disabilities in the Northeast Region (CT, RI, MA, ME, NH, VT)

"Many disabled drivers aren't able to walk a mile, let alone walk a marathon."  Active Driver, Mary Gray

“Many disabled drivers aren’t able to walk a mile, let alone walk a marathon.” Active Driver, Mary Gray

Competitive carriage driving is one of the only sports that levels the playing field for people with disabilities. Drivers with physical challenges compete right along with able-bodied individuals.

Winning Spirits supports those with physical challenges who compete- or who want to compete- in the sport of carriage driving. And we’re not talking about taking great grandma for a drive in the park.

Our organization was founded by drivers who feel passionately about their sport and the unique benefits it provides to horse lovers with physical disabilities.

"A horse lover who can't work with horses doesn't quite live. Driving gave me my life and my love back." Active Driver, Sara St. Peter

“A horse lover who can’t work with horses doesn’t quite live. Driving gave me my life and my love back.” Active Driver, Sara St. Peter

Our Vision

Winning Spirits’ Vision is that no physically challenged person shall find themselves unable to pursue the sport of carriage driving due to lack of financial or technical support.


Winning Spirits
Mary Gray
192A Piper Rd
Ashby MA 01431  207-720-0183  

If you are a disabled driver looking for assistance with competing, training costs, education, or adaptive equipment information contact us!



GSCA long-time member Pat Pearson runs Maplestone Farm LLC.


Our mission is to serve individuals in need of special services through providing an environment that encourages and helps to facilitate innovative approaches to education and progressive equine services to individuals with special needs through therapeutic riding, driving and Hippotherapy.

TherapeuticHorseMaplestoneTRCPat P. and studentSetting

Maplestone Farm, located on the side of a hill overlooking a historic mill town, is situated on 40 acres of fields and wooded landscape in the Lakes Region of the White Mountains. The farm also is home to the MapleStone School.

Riding and Driving
MapleStone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center (TRC) offers horseback riding and driving with a PATH International certified instructor. PATH Int'l. (formerly known as NARHA) provides industry safety standards, instructor training, certification, and insurance provisions. Participants access a 62 x 160 indoor arena, groomed trails on site, and an outdoor arena. Please contact us for details about the services we currently are able to provide.
MapleStone Farm LLC is the location; “MapleStone” is the Non-Profit School.
MapleStone School seeks volunteers to be guest speakers and/or to give demonstrations or to provide services in their area of expertise. Volunteers to assist as “side-walkers” during therapy sessions are always welcome. MapleStone (school) is a Not-for-Profit 501(c)3.
MapleStone Farm TRC welcomes horse savvy volunteers to help care for the program animals and to maintain their environment when students are not present. The horses and facilities are privately owned. MapleStone Farm is an LLC.


Dr. Taryn Pearson, BVMS British (trained) Veterinary Medical Surgeon
Mobile large animal Vet, traveling to your location to tend your horses (or cows or goats etc.) Based out of Acton, Maine, covering large area in eastern Maine and central and southern NH. Taryn is a horse lover from a horse-loving family, trained and certified in Great Britain. Call Taryn to schedule your shots or for emergency care.
Farm and home calls for all creatures great and small.
   (207) 206-5521   

North East Farm & Family Veterinary (on Facebook)



The CAA has developed a terrific new program to promote driving safely for both humans and horses.  It is called the Driver Proficiency Program  [CAA resources] and is designed to be educational and supportive. Modeled after a similar program in England and Europe, this program helps carriage drivers of all ages and levels to learn all they can to be as safe and responsible as possible to both their own horses and fellow drivers.

The program has three levels of proficiency. The first level is made up of various elements which one must know to safely and successfully drive a two or four wheeled carriage. These sections are horsemanship and care of the driving horse; correct harnessing and putting to/taking out of the vehicle; maintenance of the vehicle; care of the harness; and driving.  The driving proficiency piece is a simple test of circles and straight lines; being able to pass through several pairs of cones with plenty of wheel room; and driving down the road with appropriate signals. Anyone who can drive on a pleasure drive through hill and dale with the GSCA should easily pass this part of the program!

Touchstone Farm is proud to be a part of this national (and international) program which improves the safety of our sport.  We have become one of four places in the US which offers the training for Level 1 and the Road Evaluation.  We also are able to also offer the testing for Level 1 with an Evaluator. Please contact the farm if you have interest in learning more about our educational and evaluation program with CAA and its excellent Driver Proficiency Program. Let’s all make our sport even better by increasing our own education and knowledge.

Touchstone Farm
13 Pony Farm Lane 
Temple, NH 03084 
603-654-6308 Farm 
603-321-5255 Cell



Touchstone Farm is a non-profit educational and therapeutic organization which fosters a community of belonging for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds who enter the farm gates. Grounded in a sense of place, mutual respect and well- being, it is a sanctuary which nurtures connections, cooperation, self-confidence and personal growth.

Through engaging with horses, farm animals, gardens, and the land itself, our mission is to provide transformative opportunities which positively change lives. Touchstone Farm offers a rich and challenging variety of experiences which include summer camps, riding and driving lessons, a world class instructor training school, specialty weekends, and diverse educational and spiritual opportunities, all of which culminate in building traditions that are both dynamic and timeless. Our professional staff passionately strives to empower individuals by healing hearts, enhancing health, teaching critical thinking, promoting personal spirituality, and fostering resiliency.

Touchstone Farm is the home of Pony Farm, Horse Power, and Stepping Stone Lodge.

For more info:

Touchstone Farm 
13 Pony Farm Lane 
Temple, NH 03084 
603-654-6308 Farm 
603-321-5255 Cell

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Join us for carriage driving in some of the most beautiful countryside Vermont has to offer! 

Land's End Farm is a great place to relax, have fun, and learn. Whether you're looking for weekly lessons or a clinic series, a romantic moonlight drive or a driving vacation, single or group events, let us know what you have in mind. The indoor arena and miles of scenic back roads ensure that there's always something new to do and see. 
From minis to drafts, beginner drivers to advanced, Sue offers training for horses and drivers that is safe, effective, and fun for all participants. 

Visit  Susan Rogers ~ Carriage Driving

802 952 8456 (cell)
802 226 7234 (home) 
Sue's Mailing Address:
Use this address to send forms to Sue:
PO Box 181
69 Johnson Road
Proctorsville, VT 05153 
Land's End Farm Address:
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1101 Tattle Street
Reading, VT 05153