Officers and Directors, Granite State Carriage Association 2020

Jean Harvey, President   (603) 667-1880   

Cindy Schlener, Vice President  (978) 302-4150   

Avis Rosenfield, Secretary   ‭(603) 783-8983‬

Neil Harvey, Treasurer   ‭(603) 731-2761‬  

Connie Moses, Director   (603) 490-9694   

Eric Wilking, Director  ‭(603) 731-0513‬   

Terry Penny, Director  ‬

Ginger Laplante, Newsletter Editor, Senior Advisor     OR  

Connie Moses, Website Admin  

Cindy Schlener, Website Admin, Facebook Tech Advisor     

Joanna Bligh, Publicity/Promotion   

Leslie Baxter, Membership Coordinator




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