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REVIEW at Horse Collaborative--  Horses with 5 Hearts-- explains the principles behind barefoot horsekeeping.

Horse training accounts in this Blog are not intended to be instructional, rather they are descriptions of personal experiences with particular horses. Please do not assume that any other horse will behave or react the same as the ones described here. Each horse is an individual, and each person has their own unique approach to handling and training.

by Renee Wormell


It has been a strange winter weather-wise in New England. The good news/bad news is

Shelburne Farms and Meach Cove Farm Drive and Ride Event of GSCA was held September 19-24, 2015, in Shelburne, Vermont.

by Renee Wormell

Celebrating a very successful 2015 season, Granite State Carriage Association is joyfully planning for 2016.  All 2015 events will be held again and at least two new events will be added;


Visions of trotting down a wooded trail that skirts a swiftly flowing stream, followed by breathtaking mountain views...

horse cart driver

I have been a member of GSCA for a long time...

My first experience with the Granite State Carriage Association (GSCA) was the 2012 trip to Chocorua. It was a wonderful event and I am so happy that I found this group of amazing people. Everyone was welcoming and friendly; whether you ride or drive...

The following poem written by Dr. A.B.Harding is a tribute to his chestnut mare “Pone” he drove for so many years.

We all know the ditty “The Old Gray Mare, she ain’t what she used to be”. But did you know that the ditty referred to a real horse??

Thornton Osgood and his wife, while coming the other day into Richmond Indiana, had a lively ride. On reaching a long and very steep hill,