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by Eric Wilking

The first “Driven Image” Carriage Driving Conference and Trade Show was held on March 19 & 20, 2016 in Amherst, MA on the grounds of Hampshire College, just down the road from UMASS Amherst.

Acadia National Park will now be requiring every vehicle that enters the park to show an Entrance Pass. This includes being parked anywhere in the park, including Wildwood Stables.

Our GSCA website is a good place to get your business noticed by horse-interested people! List now!

by Connie Moses, 2007

Written in 2007, this article documents all of 2-yr.old Glendale’s ground driving training sessions, from mid-June til November 2007 when he was first hitched to a cart. Please read Horse training disclaimer before you go further.

A new and long-needed Calendar for carriage driving events in the Northeast is now live online, implemented by GSCA, at https://teamup.com/ks202194978f27d035

by Ginger Gerken Plisko Laplante
Mischief wasn’t a fancy show horse. She was a family horse who brought fun and
pleasure to all of us for 35 years rather than making her mark in the larger world of
competition, although I think she could have, had we been oriented that way.

Acadia Driving Horses

[a poem]
Spirits lifting to the strong, steady clip-clop rhythm of hoofbeats on country lanes…

by Cindy Schlener

This is my 3rd full year as a GSCA member. I'm a trail rider who was initially concerned about joining a driving club, however that has not been a problem at all :). All you need is a love for horses and to enjoy talking about them.

by Renee Wormell

GSCA Annual Members’ Meeting & Dinner:

Granite State Carriage Association kicked off the 2016 season with the Annual Members’ Meeting on March 6, 2016 at The Elks Lodge 146, on Granite Street in Manchester, NH. The Annual Meeting is always a great event to say good bye to old man winter and bid welcome back to spring. 

Many in Granite State Carriage Association have discovered the singular beauty of Acadia National Park via carriage or on horseback. Located near Bar Harbor, Maine on Mt. Desert Island, Acadia’s groomed and graded carriage roads offer 57 miles for drivers and horseback riders to explore, plus...

Horses electric fencing, tape fence


When thinking about electric fencing for your animals, you may think of a large unit set up in the main barn. This energizer needs to be