Do you know about "elf knots"?

Technique for practicing leg-yielding and lateral work using long lines: 

For the third year in a row John Huether hosted the Myles Standish Ride/Drive assisted by Linda & Eric Wilking for the Granite State Carriage Association.  This year the State Forest was perfect for the event.  Weather was great with warm daytime temperatures and cool temps at night, great for getting rest for the next day’s drive/ride.

by Carol Gosselin

What is Chronic Progressive Lymphedema?  
Chronic Progressive Lymphedema (CPL) is a condition caused by the abnormal functioning of the lymphatic system in the skin, which results in chronic lymphedema (swelling). 

Driving horses in harness is a lot of fun and a great way to share them with other people. This safety sheet has been put together to help educate newcomers to the sport and to remind those of us who have been driving for a while what dictates safety.  We, the Board of Directors of The Granite State Carriage Association, urge you to adhere to these recommendations to allow our sport to be as safe as we can make it.

On August 7, 2016 GSCA will host their second Rail Trail Drive/Ride in Andover NH, out of Potter Place.

by Carol Gosselin
Most people would be surprised to hear that there is actually a difference between hippotherapy and therapeutic horseback riding.

GSCA Members enjoy Apple Blossom outing, Touchstone Farm
The sun shone bright and a cool breeze kept all the bugs away at the rescheduled GSCA Ride and Drive...

from Associations for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices

Jaime Jackson, well known for natural hoof care and the concept of "Paddock Paradise," reviews commonly-held beliefs and practices that should be questioned.

by Connie Moses

Have we forgotten our inner creativity??

Already you express your creative self by enjoying horses:

Good video on Hosing-- how to teach your horse to stand calmly for bathing. These same techniques can be applied to anything your horse is apprehensive about.