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GSCA is now affiliated with the New England Horse and Trail (NEHT) - http://www.nehorseandtrail.com/ .

New England Horse and Trail is a riding AND driving club which holds no rides or drives of their own but promotes those of affiliated clubs -- basically the organization is a ride and drive repository. NEHT members, along with their horses, earn miles based on the affiliated rides they participate in ( miles for each ride). At the end of the year, the miles are totalled up and there's a newsletter with all the members' mileage. You and your horse can also earn a plaque.

Several of the GSCA outings this year will be NEHT-affiliated. Check the GSCA calendar page occasionally for additional information. An NEHT-affiliated notice will be added to an Outing when it becomes affiliated. At this date, three GSCA Outings have affiliated:  Loudon, Profile Falls in Bristol, and Branch Hill in Milton Mills NH.

More info at  http://www.nehorseandtrail.com/ 


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