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Small but significant changes can make confinement for horses in stalls healthier and more comfortable.

Very simply, the box stalls that may seem cozy and comfortable to us are all wrong for our beloved horses—too small and too solitary for herd animals who need to be on the move.

This is an article about calm versus chaos, basic emotional states for both horses and humans.

Yield To Horses on Trails

Horses Future Uncertain:

A 3-day Pass to Bob Giles Demonstration / Training workshop is kindly being donated to GSCA's FUNdraising Auction, by Ann Miles at the Carriage Barn in Kensington NH.

NE Horse and Trail

GSCA is now affiliated with the New England Horse and Trail (NEHT) - .

NHHC News --  HB296-FN Animal Waste in Parks.

I love barn dogs! I think they are the best barn companions for humans and horses.

I have an abnormal fear of mice. There’s just not enough room for them and for me in the barn.

This little ditty portrays the woes of a horse husband...

Horse Ringworm infection

Ringworm is not actually a worm, it is a form of dermatitis that is caused by a fungus.