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  • Horse Training Disclaimer

    Horse training accounts in this Blog are not intended to be instructional, rather they are descriptions of personal experiences with particular horses. Please do not assume that any other horse will behave or react the same as the ones described here....

  • Training your horse to be calm with hosing

    calmly for bathing. These same techniques can be applied to anything your horse is apprehensive about. from Connection Training blog--

  • Learn How to Carriage Drive, Where and When

    membership fee, you can join theMDC too. (For details, see Club Happenings.) AND... it so happens we just started a "Training for Carriage" series of blog posts giving step-by-step descriptions of training a youngster from start to first hitch. Click...

  • GSCA Recaps & Reminders -- May 2016

    in South Woodstock, VT on May 14th and 15th. Our own Susan Rogers and her pony out-shined the competition in the Training Pony Division in Saturday’s Driving Two-Phase, capturing first place in dressage, cones, and overall. Congratulations Sue! Linda...

  • Carriage horses summit Mount Washington— Video and Photos

    carriage pair encounter stiff winds above the tree lineRick and Connie spent two months conditioning their "boys" through training on the hills of Gilford NH, including driving them up Gilford's Belknap Mountain carriage road a few times to simulate the...

  • GSCA Recaps & Reminders-- April 2016

    the 15 competitors were from Granite State Carriage. Jean Harvey with her pinto pony pair and Susan Rogers competed at the training level and Linda Wilking with Spinney at Preliminary. A good time was had by all. It gave everyone a chance to get back in...

  • A tribute to Mischief, the once in a lifetime horse

    also grew to her adult height of 14.2 with her shoes on. On her return to New Hampshire Mischief received her basic saddle training with my 12 year old step son riding her behind me on my mare, telling her to trot when I did and so forth. He also took...

  • Hippotherapy or Therapeutic Horseback Riding – What’s the difference?

    a specially trained and certified riding instructor (there are several organizations that offer the special certification/training needed that the instructor must have). -Hippotherapy is when a licensed therapist uses movement of a horse as a...

  • Creativity and Love of Horses

    - interacting closely with a horse requires being present in the moment, a first prerequisite to the creative process - training a horse requires creative thinking by opening your mind to possibilities - riding or driving a horse requires a creative...

  • GSCA Recaps & Reminders-- February 2016

    Open Single Pony classes and third in Ladies to Drive and Seniors to Drive. Tracey took first place in the Combined Test Training Division on Saturday and first place in the Working Novice, Novice Cones, and Novice to Drive classes in Sunday’s Sleigh...

  • The GSCA Wants to Promote your Business!

    page which can serve as a primary or second listing, free to everyone but reciprocal links are appreciated— Farms and training centers of members, also therapeutic centers, are also welcome to include their schedule of activities on a NEW Carriage...


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