Starting in 1983

At the GSCA Annual Meeting each spring from 1983 to 2016, a Participation Award has been presented to the Outing participant(s) who attended the most club-sponsored activities for the previous year.

Initially, the names of the Award recipients were engraved on a plaque, and the recipient held it for a year. Then the plaque would be passed on at the next Annual Meeting to the next recipient, sometimes to be shared among multiple winners.

Since 2015, when the plaque space was filled, the Year-end Award recipients have been listed here in honor of their achievements.

GSCA Carriage Driving Club Participation Plaque Award 2015

The Granite State Carriage Association Participation ("Best Attendance") Award plaque, 1983-2015, originally presented to the club by the Merrimack Trail Riders.



Starting in March 2023, the M.V.P. Award on the GSCA election ballot was re-named the Cahill Sportsmanship Award.

This Recipient will be chosen annually by GSCA Members to honor the memories of Sonja and Bob Cahill, who founded, hosted, and supported several GSCA Outings during their 32 years as GSCA Members, 1989 - 2021.

Drives/camping Outings first begun and hosted by Sonja and Bob were Shelburne VT, Chocorua “Look to the Mountain” Outing, Northeast Kingdom in Danville VT which ran for several years, also a Greenfield NH camping Outing. Sonja served the club in each officer capacity and mentored, advised, and assisted the Board as a Senior Advisor and Lifetime Member.

Bob was frequently an Auction assistant at the  GSCA's Annual Dinner FUNd-raiser, where his antics kept everyone laughing.!Together they were dedicated to promoting and advancing the GSCA and carriage driving, encouraging new members and safe practices, and maintaining their sense of humor and fun. “Good Sports” both!


For 2022 -- Leslie Baxter.



Ellen Kay Flatley Memorial Fund FlatleyOnHorsebackSmallEllen K. Flatley  


The Granite State Carriage Association lost an outstanding fellow horsewoman in spring of 2023, Ellen Flatley. Quoting from one of her dear friends: “What I loved most about Ellen was that she accepted me for who I was without judgment. We could talk about so much and be open and honest about our thoughts. If you needed her, she would have your back. She watched out for her friends and like me I’m sure those friends also miss her greatly.”
     The Lakes Region became Ellen’s home after getting married. She had many interests, but she focused primarily on animals. She maintained an equine boarding facility in Gilmanton and spent time riding and driving her own horses as well as loving and caring for cats and dogs.
     She moved to Ashland in 1996, establishing Winterberry Farm with the love of her life, Dan Golden. She and Dan enjoyed riding their horses in the area. She was also involved in breeding a few foals for herself, carriage driving and trail riding. She enjoyed taking her certified therapy dog Buster to nursing visits. She also was involved in dog agility training with her dog Bailey.

     To quote another of Ellen’s dear friends “The loss of Ellen is devastating to so many of us… her sons and grandsons, countless friends and neighbors that she was always helping, along with the people in the nursing home that she visited every week with her little dog Buster.”
     The notes I received from Ellen’s friends had me so wishing we had met somewhere down the trails. Another quote was “She had that dry witty sense of humor that would crack you up, and she would send the most ridiculously funny Gifs via text. I miss that humor.”
If from only a tiny glimpse into Ellen’s life from her dear friends, I am hoping you can see what a lovely spirit Ellen brought.
     On her passing Ellen’s wish was for contributions to be sent to the Granite State Carriage Association. As well, Ellen bequeathed her own gift to the GSCA. In honor of this generous gift, we have started the Ellen Kay Flatley Memorial fund.
     We will be giving back to our Equine community through the fund and keep Ellen’s memory alive for years to come.

Leslie Baxter


2023 Recipient of Ellen Kay Flatley Scholarship Award--





Year ending:

Granite State Carriage
YEAR-END Participation Award Recipients

1983 Ellet L. Seavey    
1984 Gloria M. Hall
James A. Richard
Ellet L. Seavey
William R. Starace, Sr.
 1985 Gloria M. Hall
James A. Richard
Ellet L. Seavey
William R. Starace, Sr.
 1986 William R. Starace, Sr.
 1987 Ellet L. Seavey
 1988 Barbara Hurld
 1989 Virginia Laplante
Edward A. Frisbee
 1990 Edward A. Frisbee
 1991 Linda J. Woodbury
 1992 Linda J. Woodbury
 1993 Linda J. Woodbury
Joann L. Woodbury
 1994 Linda J. Woodbury
Joann L. Woodbury
 1995 Linda J. Woodbury
 1996 Sonja Cahill
 1997 Sonja Cahill
Linda J. Woodbury
 1998 Sonja Cahill
Linda J. Woodbury
 1999 Sonja Cahill
 2000 Sonja Cahill
Robert J. Cahill
 2001 Sonja Cahill
Robert J. Cahill
Bess Parks
2002 Sonja Cahill
Robert J. Cahill
 2003 Jim Burnham
Nancy Burnham
 2004 Cindy Frost
Ray Frost
Jim Burnham
Nancy Burnham
 2005 Linda Stebbins
 2006 Jim Burnham
Nancy Burnham
Cindy Frost
Ray Frost
 2007 Rick Moses
Connie Moses
 2008 Rick Moses
Connie Moses
 2009 Rick Moses
Connie Moses
 2010 Pat Pearson
Keely Pearson
 2011 Becky Greenan
Rick Moses
Connie Moses
Carolyn Townsend
 2012 Rick Moses
Connie Moses
 2013 Corin Brennan
 2014 Cynthia Schlener
 2015 Rick Moses
Connie Moses
 2016 Rick Moses
Connie Moses
 2017 Sandy Sims
 2018 Sandy Sims

Deb & Neil Harvey



2021 Sandy Sims,
Michael Prange,
Terry & Stanley Penny
2022 Sandy Sims,
Carolyn Townsend



GSCA Artists

These artists below have given generously of their time and creativity as seen on our website. The GSCA is very grateful and honored to enjoy such wonderful visuals when we look at our pages!


Barbara Frake, Frake Fine Art, portrait artist and horsewoman

Most of the lovely visuals at the top of our pages were generously offered by Barbara, who creates such paintings for her clients. See more of Barbara's works at Frake Fine Art.

Fine art horse portrait by Barbara FrakeFine art horse portrait by Barbara Frake

Friesian horses drawing by Frake Fine ArtDrawing of Friesian horse carriage by Frake FIne Art


Connie Moses, graphic and fine artist and horsewoman

Connie's background in graphic and fine arts led to her involvement in designing this GSCA website in 2012, with the help of Sonja Cahill and Stephenie M.  Connie also wrote and art-directed the GSCA brochure, and serves as a website Admin.

Custom portrait of horsesCustom portrait of horses Connie Moses' portrait of trail riderConnie Moses' portrait of trail rider


Heather West, graphic and fine artist and horsewoman -- 

Horse Art Heather RocheArtwork by Heather West

Our GSCA brochure, first printed in October 2012, was designed and produced by Heather, who does freelance graphics. Her creative graphic design skills are much admired in the brochure.






Special recognition to

GSCA Lifetime Members:
Ginger Laplante
(the late) Sonja Cahill
(the late) Bob Cahill
(the late) Barbara Hurld 



Thanks to GSCA Website Admins:
Connie Moses
Cindy Schlener
Katie Boates-Goudreau, tech support