Frequently Asked Questions about GSCA


When did Granite State Carriage Association start?

GSCA formally organized in 1978 and has remained active since. Visit the History page for archive photos and the story of GSCA's origins.

What is the purpose of GSCA?

GSCA is a not-for-profit horse club holding recreational horse activities, including horseback riders-- with special emphasis on carriage driving and safety. Visit the Calendar page for the Club's schedule of activities.

Who runs the GSCA?

The Club is managed and directed by a Board of seven:  four Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) plus three Directors. Officers and Directors (the "Board") are elected yearly by the members to serve staggered two-year terms, and may serve up to three consecutive terms in the same office. There are also a few special (non-voting) appointed positions added by the President from time to time. The club is structured according to the GSCA By-Laws (.pdf download).

Is GSCA non-profit?

Yes, GSCA is a New Hampshire non-profit organization; donations are welcomed but NOT tax-deductible.

What are the drive/rides like, do folks go out together or separately?

Drive/ride information is provided in advance notifying members of the date and time of the event. Generally the outings are set up so drivers (and riders) can go at their own paces. There may be an initial group briefing. Drivers and riders are welcome to travel together or separately; usually maps are provided depending on the drive, and often different routes are available. See Calendar page for this season's Outing dates.

Where are members from?

Primarily members live in all the New England states, New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island... but we have supporting members as far away as Florida and South Carolina too!

Do I need to be an advanced driver to join?

No, GSCA welcomes all levels of experience; GSCA also welcomes horseback riders.

Do I need to be involved with competitions to join?

No, GSCA is primarily a recreational club, although some members do compete in combined driving, pleasure carriage driving, and most of the other equine disciplines!

Do I need a certain type of equine?

GSCA welcomes all kinds of equines including minis, ponies, donkeys, mules, drafts, and horses. We haven't seen a zebra yet, but you never know!

Can I go for a trail ride instead of driving at a GSCA outing?

Yes, we welcome both carriage drivers and riders to most outings. The Shelburne Farms, VT outing began to allow horseback riders at an adjacent Meach Cove Farms venue in 2014.

How many members do you have?

We generally have approximately 150-160 members.

Is GSCA on Facebook?

Yes! We have an active group on FacebookGSCA Granite State Carriage, currently with over 500 following our activites.. Anyone can join with approval (membership is monitored to keep out trollers.) Outings are posted as "Events" and all FB group members can track Outing updates as they happen. Members post comments and pictures and items for sale (limited). We also keep you updated on the latest related news and other announcements. Simply request to join at GSCA Granite State Carriage.

What is the Club's typical Annual Dinner Meeting like?

For several years, dinner meetings were held at the Puritan Back Room Restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire. More recently, we have met at the Red Blazer in Concord, NH. In the last couple of years, 65-70 members have attended to enjoy a cash bar, delicious meal and socializing, a short presentation and business meeting. We have had the honor of hearing several wonderful speakers, and lastly our Annual FUNd-Raiser Auction is a lively and fun way to make useful and unique acquisitions. See our Calendar for our meetings and Outings schedule.

What is the Club's Planning Meeting?

In November the Board of Directors meets with Outing Hosts, folks with ideas for prospective outings, and any other interested members. At this Planning Meeting the Calendar activity dates for the coming year are roughed out. We have met, planned, and enjoyed dinner together in various ways-- from potluck in a church, to eating in restaurants, to hospitality in members' homes.

Where are GSCA Outings held?

We currently have drive/ride outings scheduled in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts. Past outings have also been held in New York. Visit our Calendar page for our meeting and outing schedule, and our Library page for Outing details.

Are reservations required?

Some outings require a completed and mailed Pre-reservation form in advance due to limited space available. The Shelburne Farms/Meach Cove and Acadia National Park outings fall into this category. Other drives such as Look to the Mountain and Labor Day also require reservations due to space planning. It is always a good idea and courteous to your Hosts to contact them in advance. That way if there is a last minute change in the Outing or even a cancellation, Hosts can contact you.

Is GSCA affiliated with other organizations?

Yes, GSCA is a member club of Carriage Association of America (CAA), American Driving Society (ADS), and New Hampshire Horse Council (NHHC). GSCA also partners with Maine Driving Club to share outings and events and reciprocal discounted membership fees. See our Club Happenings page for MDC info.

Have other questions? Please contact us!