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Recreational horse club for carriage drivers and horseback riders
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Welcome to the home of Granite State Carriage!

Have fun with your horse in inviting,
low-key natural settings

From its first gathering in 1978, the members of the Granite State Carriage Association have joined up for the same purpose — FUN! Whether coming together to take in a new trail or sitting a spell over a picnic lunch, we enjoy our friends and our horses away from the everyday hustle and bustle. Nature clears our minds and opens our souls.
Some things have changed since 1978, but the goal of having fun has always stayed the same. Our club has traveled many roadsā€¦ from Acadia National Park in Maine to Shelburne Farms in Vermont. And we have held many other horse activities in rural New England too numerous to count!

Give yourself and your horse a leisurely break

Although started as a recreational driving club, we have always had a large number of trail riding members as well, with a wide variety of equine breeds. So no matter whether you drive a Shetland, a mini, or a draft, or ride a quarter horse, mule or standardbred, all are welcome in every Outing put on by Granite State Carriage.

Relax and enjoy beautiful venues

Springtime brings warm-up ride and drives, how-to clinics, and our super-fun Annual Membersā€™ Dinner Meeting. Summer brings lovely tree-lined dirt roads, woods roads, and single-track mountain views. Both summer and fall bring beautiful day trips and camping venues with your horse in New Hampshire and also Vermont, looking over Lake Champlain and graceful farmlands, along with beautiful foliage ride/drives throughout the Northeast states.

We donā€™t close during the winter months eitherā€” one can usually find a fun sleigh day on our Calendar to keep us socializing all year round!

All are invited… drivers and horseback riders, family and friends!

The Granite State club invites horse lovers of all ages and welcomes all types of equines to join us in our exhilarating and fun adventures!

$25 Family Membership covers all yearly outings — it’s the only type we offer!
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So excited so many great activities
again this year;
looking forward to riding, driving and meeting new and old friends.

Posted to GSCA Facebook Group by Francine K., 2/24/24

GSCA organizes fun
riding & driving Outings in the Northeast

See our unique Outings and venues for this season

One family Membership covers all yearly activities!
GSCA members may drive a carriage, ride an equine, be a
carriage passenger, or handle/harness/tack
a horse at all GSCA Outings (per liability insurance requirements.)

GSCA is a NH not-for-profit organization for promoting recreational equine activities.
GSCA charges no participation fees, and is not charitable.

GSCA Group on Facebook

The GSCA Facebook Group (a “private” social group started in 2012) is now followed by over a thousand members!

Our Facebook Group lists GSCA Club Outings (shown under “Events”), recent updates for scheduled activities, news and activities from many other equine clubs, and horse happenings in eastern US!

Regional horse and trail organizations post here. Boarding offered, specialty items, horses and items available, and ISOs are also posted.

If you are on Facebook, follow our GSCA Facebook social group simply by requesting to join in…

Educational scholarships & learning clinic reimbursements

Scholarship reimbursement ($25) for EDUCATIONAL activities (usually horse-less) such as talks and classes about driving safety and equipment, auditing clinics & demos, general horse safety, getting started driving, trailering tips etc. Not to include paid driving or riding lessons. Send email query to:  
Treasurer [at]

And THANK YOU for sharing this site on
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GSCA Bylaws & Hosting

The GSCA Bylaws govern how GSCA is run as a NH recreational not-for-profit association. 

GSCA Bylaws  [.pdf]

GSCA OUTING HOSTS and Board Officers contact listings– Ask questions or Volunteer!

NEWGSCA Facebook Public Page

Started in February 2024, the club has a Page for GSCA activity announcements, reminders, fun posts, videos and more which can be shared publicly by viewers…

Artwork of pair of horses in harness facing onlooker, hitched to vis-a-vis Amish carriage with driver holding reins, subdued tree trunks and background of soft, flowing greenish and cream colors like sunlight in a forest.

Safety Tips, awards, NEHT-affiliated, help GSCA get even better…

GSCA affiliates with these worthy organizations…

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Carriage Association of America logo, round white image on gray background with black 4-seater carriage with name circling edges, green stripe behind circle, CAA on bottom
Carriage Association of America
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New England Horse & Trail
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New Hampshire Horse Council

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